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supworld magazine began as the sport was starting out and has grown alongside SUP to become a world-wide top quality production reporting on all significant events, news and developments in the sport of Stand Up.

Our magazine has built a reputation of providing top quality articles and information to our SUP readers demand. 

We strive to maintain the best value for money to our customers. Our magazine remains one of the best quality reads for one of the lowest prices.

Our magazine offer some of the best value for your advertising dollar. We can provide ad space and campaign strategies to suit your needs.

We make sure that SUPWORLD Magazine is there and promoted at all major events throughout the world.

Our magazine offers fantastic exposure with readers and subscribers world-wide. We’re proud to say we’ve achieved loyal subscribers across many countries and growing.


Noosa Point… Queensland



Pieter Plooy — Pieter is an avid SUP rider who loves the essence of the sport and is on the water every day!

He has been a surfer for the past 50 years and is now “hooked” on SUPing. Pieter is a SFX movie technician and also a professional photographer who, if not on the water SUPing himself is at the water’s edge taking photos of someone who is. Pieter has had his photographs published in the Stand Up Journal, Womans Day Magazine, The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide, Gold Coast Bulletin, Company advertisements and Kiteboarder magazine. Latest movies include - Unbroken, ThorRagnorok, Aquaman and Dora the Explorer

Paul - Computer design extraordinaire... Paul works as a designer and has worked for some of the world biggest surf

magazines; Tate - Design Guru, currently working in the  snowfields of Canada at Whistler but working remotely with the magazine

Gary and Sue Brown - proofreaders with an extensive background in the printing industry...

Regular contributors - Karla Gilbert (ex-ironwoman) has some amazing nutritous recipes for our readers

Chad Islip (Personal trainer) can show you how to improve your fitness paddling

Josh Carter (Physiotherapist @ Surf Life Physio) has some great tips on how to maintain a healthy body whilst paddling