Let’s start with a little about our magazine…

SUPWORLD Magazine is based on Australia’s famous Gold Coast. Sitting just south of the tropics on the Aussie coast we are practically enjoy year round summer. With the exception of about 6 weeks of jumper weather. It’s no wonder the Gold Coast is also home to a number of world ranking SUP paddlers.

Gold Coast, Australia

Many of which you’ll find featuring regularly in our magazine as we track events through the world series each year.


SUPWORLD began as the sport was starting out and has grown alongside SUP to become a world wide top quality production reporting on all significant events, news and developments in the sport of Stand Up.


Our magazine has some of the world’s best photographers and reporters enabling us to produce a high end magazine, full of  rich content with substance, relevance and adapts as the sport matures.

One of the biggest questions with any print advertising is, “what do I get for my money?”  With SUPWorld® we will be putting the magazine into the places where it is needed, such as, SUP Shops, Newsagencies, Surf Shops and any other area that someone who might be interested in getting into the sport will be able to get a copy—i.e the Australia and New Zealand-wide local area SUP Clubs and events.

Cost Effective Advertising

Our magazine offer some of the best value for your advertising dollar. We can provide ad space and campagin strategies to suit your needs.

Industry Respected

Our magazine has built a reputation of providing top quality articles and information to our SUP readers demand.

Great Value for Readers

We strive to maintain the best value for money to our customers. Our magazine remains one of the best quality reads for one of the lowest prices.

World-wide Distribution

Our magazine offers fantastic exposure with readers and subscribers world-wide. We’re proud to say we’ve achieved loyal subscribers across many countries and growing.

Promoted At All Major Events

We make sure that SUPWORLD Magazine is there and promoted at all major events throughout the world.

Here at SUPWorld® we understand that it is necessary to target the right audience and that is why we are aiming to cover the vast 20 to 65+ age bracket, and, by doing this we understand that we will cover at least a large part of your client base.

We will target everyone that is already in the sport as well as those who are looking to take it up.

From our recent study we have ascertained a breakdown ratio in the sport—approximately 60% male and 40% female—and the female ratio is definitely on the increase!

We love to hear from you!

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